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Welcome To The Plumstead Health Centre - Tewson Road PMS

We have compiled this website to inform you of the services offered by the practice. We aim to provide you with a high standard of service.

To enable you to use these services effectively please read this website carefully and then bookmark it for future reference.



Please support us to raise money to help our elderly vulnerable patients who may suffer during the cold winter.

It has come to our attention that many cannot afford enough heating in the winter months to keep warm, which can lead to colds, flu and more serious health conditions for elderly people. 

This year, the practice would like to provide these patients with warm snuggle blankets and big smiles.  So, during the month of November, we will be hosting many events to raise money for this good cause.

Please donate generously and any contributions made, big or small will be greatly appreciated.  The practice has started the campaign by donating £100 and will continue to donate until the end of the month. 

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N.B - Anyone who contributes will be provided with a receipt.

Practice Merger - Audit

Plumstead Health Centre (Dr Sabat’s Practice) and Tewson Road Practice (Dr Gupta’s Practice) have enjoyed a close relationship for many years seeking to provide medical services for the residents of Greenwich.

Recent changes within the NHS and the demands of the Care Quality Commission have focused our attention on the quality and availability of services that we both provide and that we will be able to provide in the future.  The merger of the two practices will form a strong single-site practice providing all the services expected of a modern general practice.

We recognise that this will cause concern, apprehension and of course some dismay to the patients who have enjoyed an excellent service in the past. This merger will enhance services and improve these services.

So how will the merger affect us all? 

We will have more specialist GP’s in diabetes, asthma and COPD, minor surgery, and orthopedics, etc. We will have a strong practice nurse team with Healthcare Assistant support which will enables us to provide many services that are currently not available to the patients at the Health Centre.

Our full range of services will be available to all patients in addition to full support for those with chronic conditions, those over 75 years of age and those at risk of frequent Admission to hospital.

This merger provides clear benefits for most patients and will enable services to be developed in the future.

Patient demand, funding limitations, Clinical Governance and the development of technology provide a big challenge for those of us working within the NHS. We have confidence that the merger of both practices will enable us to face those challenges, develop more services and thereby provide a medical service to our community that is second to none. We have no doubt that NHS England, our Clinical Commissioning Group and the doctors and staff at both practices will support this merger.

We hope that patients of both practices will give their support to this merger and together we can ensure that the service to our community will thrive.

Click here to download this notice with the option to express your preference regarding the merger. Please return the form to the surgery.

Merger of Plumstead Health Centre & Tewson Road PMS Practices
Frequently Asked Questions - click here.

Practice History

Plumstead Health Centre was founded initially by Dr Boomla about 85 years ago and was passed over to his two sons, Dr Rooin Boomla and Dr Darius Boomla (MBE). Later, Dr Sarin, a very popular and respected lady doctor, joined them and worked in the practice for 35 years.

The practice moved to its present location in 1981 and was gradually joined by four new partners: Dr D N Char, Dr R V Reddy, Dr Rashmi Goel and Dr R P Aggarwal. Dr Reddy and Dr Goel have since moved away to other practices. Dr Doko, a pleasant young lady, joined the practice in June 2000 for a period of three years and has also moved away to a new practice.

Dr Char and Dr Aggarwal remained, and remain partners. Both specialise in their own fields. Dr Char specialises in medicine, gynaecological and obstetrics, homeopathy and acupuncture. Dr Aggarwal specialises in orthopaedic surgery and carries out minor surgery (secondary care) operations. These include vasectomy, lumps and bumps, ingrowing toenails, ganglions and pile injections.

Dr Bhanu Gupta-Polisetty (female) joined the practice in September 2004 and is employed as a GP working part-time (Mondays and Fridays only). She specialises in general medicine.

Sister Indra Fernando, who retired in January 2011 had been with the practice for over 30 years.

The Doctors

Dr B Gupta-Polisetty
Dr Sharma
Dr N Wijayatilake (Salaried GP, Long term)

Plumstead Health Centre
Tewson Road
London SE18 1BB

Telephone No: 020 8317 6322
Fax No: 020 8317 3030

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Information from the Care Quality Commission

Our practice is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.

This widget provides a summary of the results of the latest checks carried out by the CQC.

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